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Become a Dry liner with TMC

With a wide range of industry led training, you will develop the skills and gain a qualification to become a dry liner.

Why choose Dry Lining at TMC

Dry Lining is fast becoming one of the most in-demand trades. At TMC you will learn the tools of the trade in fantastic spacious and well equipped purpose-built facilities. You will learn a combination of theory and practical skills designed to equip you with the knowledge for a career in the dry lining industry.

Short courses

Title Duration
Boarding and finishing 4 days
Jointing and finishing (by hand) 2 days
Jointing and finishing (mechanical) 2 days
Metal stud partition 3 days
MF suspended ceilings 3 days
Skim finishing and basic trowel skills 3 days

Please note: these courses run throughout the year, for more information about forthcoming courses please contact us. CITB levy affiliated employers may be able to claim course fees via CITB grant.

Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP's)

If you’re a registered business you can receive funding to undertake specialist upskilling in dry lining and plastering.

Whether you’re an organisation employing thousands of people including sub contractors, a subcontractor yourself or you employ a least one person, you can benefit from specialist upskilling in dry lining and plastering training and qualifications (NVQ).

The programme has been designed to equip existing tradespeople to undertake specific training of a period of five to thirteen days whilst achieving an NVQ qualification over a longer duration.

Programme detail

Type of candidate Duration Delivery Training & assessment
Operatives with construction experience and transferable skills but not necessarily dry lining. 12 months 5 – 13 days of off site training On site assessment Employer must allow for the offsite training and on site assessments to take place Operative must complete a portfolio


Get your workforce qualified and ready for the job.

If you’re an employer, you can receive funding to help your employers undertake specialist upskilling in dry lining and plastering.

TMC’s specialist upskilling programme (SUP) has been created to allow you to boost your workforce with ‘right now’ skills, qualifications and an CSCS card, designed to get your workers on-site and your business up to date with necessary trade requirements.

Employers can access funding support from CITB and it’s available for both employees and sub contractors.

With a significant skills shortage in the sector, TMC specialist upskilling programme (SUP) has been specifically created for employers and aligned to industry requirements. SUP’S provide the necessary skills, qualifications and competency required for the dry lining trade.

Sole traders and sub-contractors

Earn more with a specialist upskilling programme.

Did you know that even if you are working as a subcontractor, your employer can access funding for you to undertake a specialist upskilling programme at TMC?

We offer a range of flexible, short duration courses which run between five and thirteen days enabling tradespeople to access SUP’s.

If you’re an experienced plasterer or you’re all ready working in the dry lining trade you could benefit from gaining a qualification and the all important CSCS card to boost your financial prospects, get you onsite and work ready for the dry lining industry.

With a recognised skills shortage in dry lining there’s no better time to upskill and potentially increase your earnings with a recognised qualification from TMC.

As a specialist occupation, you can utilise your existing skills and work towards achieving a qualification in dry lining which offers a wide range of opportunities and employment prospects.

If you would like more information or to book onto the programme as an employer, sole trader or subcontractor call 0191 229 5000 or email enquiries@tynemet.ac.uk

Don't take our word for it

TMC has a great reputation which is why I came here to study bricklaying and to build a future career, it’s a fantastic learning environment the tutors are helpful and knowledgeable.

Ben Fraser | Diploma in Bricklaying - Trowel Occupations

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